Celebrating Freedom

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Every year, our nation celebrates its independence on July 4th. The holiday marks a turning point in our nation’s history, when we declared we are no longer bound to the governance of England. Today, that independence extends beyond the rule of another country. As Americans, we pride ourselves as being a country where we are free. We celebrate and protect … Read More

Five Financial Resolutions You Can Start Now!

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As the year winds down, many of us look forward to the fresh start the New Year brings. We reflect on the previous year and think of our successes and failures. This often leads us to create a list of things we’d like to change, and we plan to implement those changes in the New Year with vigor! Along with diet and exercise … Read More

Thanksgiving: The Secret to Financial Success

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Thanksgiving season is upon us, and for most people, that means seeing family, a big meal, and the food coma that follows. It also traditionally signals the impeding arrival of Christmas (although retailers make it seem earlier and earlier). This usually means Thanksgiving triggers heavy spending, as we start buying gifts, sending out Christmas cards, etc. Why then, do I … Read More