How to Survive the Holiday Season Without Busting Your Budget

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Now that the calendar has switched to December, it’s officially *ahem “🎶 the most won-der-ful time of the year 🎶”…but don’t tell that to your budget. A recent Gallop poll estimates that the average American plans to spend approximately $885 on gifts this holiday season. Couple that with the costs associated with decorating, baking, and holiday parties, and it’s easy … Read More

Six Smart Money Moves to Make in Your 30s

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When you’re young, establishing a solid financial foundation is important — but not necessarily at the forefront of most twenty-somethings priority list. As long as you have enough to cover rent, a few bills, and some fun on the weekends — everything is a-okay. But something changes once you hit the big 3-0. Besides the fact that you’re older (and … Read More

Celebrating Freedom

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Every year, our nation celebrates its independence on July 4th. The holiday marks a turning point in our nation’s history, when we declared we are no longer bound to the governance of England. Today, that independence extends beyond the rule of another country. As Americans, we pride ourselves as being a country where we are free. We celebrate and protect … Read More

How to Pick a Financial Advisor

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Maybe you have reached a stage in your life where you’ve encountered a major financial decision and don’t know where to turn. Do you ask your uncle’s friend’s sister who’s a financial advisor for help? Do you post on Facebook asking for advice? Does your google search confuse you further by the myriad of diverse and seemingly contradicting answers? The … Read More

The Most Important Thing To Know When Creating an Investment Portfolio

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Have you had years that the market has performed extremely well, yet your portfolio has not matched the market’s return? Have you wondered if your investment portfolio is right for you? Have you wondered if your portfolio’s risk tolerance is appropriate? If so, read on.When creating an investment portfolio, the most important thing to understand is YOURSELF. You read that … Read More

4 Reasons You Don’t Need a Financial Planner

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It’s no wonder there are so many coaches in America today: fitness coaches, nutritional coaches, business coaches, etc. Our lives are hectic! There are more things to juggle in our every-day lives than ever before. It’s more and more difficult to stay on top of KNOWING what’s best for us, let alone putting that into practice. There are many areas … Read More

Why Fees Matter!

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In my previous blog post, I mentioned there is no pre-qualification to call yourself a Financial Advisor. The truth is, anyone can apply the title to themselves, which is why you must make yourself aware of who you are working with. Many people who call themselves Financial Advisors are essentially salespeople. You will want to distinguish who is looking out … Read More